About Us

 Lisbon Underground Burlesque 

Is a Circus theater Cabaret Burlesque company. 

Founded in 2011 by Lady Myosotis, 

LUB is the most renowned burlesque troupe of Portugal. 

Formed by trained, professional artist, 

from theater, circus, comedy, music, classical dance and bellydancers, 

their aim is to provide you with the best entertainment ever. 

LUB enjoys,not just at the art of tease,

but also the art of performing, of creating a theatrical ambience in all their shows. 

Beauty and grotesque meet live music and parody, 

embracing the old and the new burlesque tendencies. 

Cabaret and vaudeville have a great part in their shows 

and of course the strong musical side of the company, 

that incorporates in its crew professional jazz musicians and loads of singing acts. 

LUB has been the most important contributor for the outgrow of Portuguese burlesque, 

inspiring other groups, collaborating with national and international artists 

and creating a platform for the Portuguese artist to show case their work, 

in their annual event, in the summer, 

the Underground Burlesque Fest. 

LUB supplies the best entertainment for venues, 

private parties, cooperative events and weddings,

With a wide range of choices from 

cabaret, vaudeville, pinups, workshops and concerts. 

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